Rehabilitation Loans in San Diego, CA

Your San Diego, CA home should be a safe haven for your family. If you’re concerned about problems like a leaky roof, a faulty electrical system, an unsafe heating system, or an unstable foundation, you may be eligible for a home rehabilitation loan. Rehabilitation loans are intended to help low-income homeowners repair, improve, or update their homes in order to alleviate health and safety concerns.

Making Homes Safer

The professionals at Matt Young - MDC Financial Service Group are your local source for home rehabilitation loans. We know that a well-maintained, updated home not only helps keep your family safe, but also increases in value over time. With a home rehabilitation loan, you can address maintenance problems now while setting the stage for a better financial picture down the road.

If your home is no longer the safe haven for your family that it once was, a rehabilitation loan from Matt Young - MDC Financial Service Group in San Diego, CA may be the answer. Call our office today to learn more about our loan programs or to schedule a consultation.